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4 hours ago - Podcasts

The war on public health experts

This week, the Trump administration ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC and send all coronavirus-related data straight to the Department of Health and Human Services. It's just the latest step in President Trump's war on public health experts.

16 hours ago - Podcasts

Ex-CDC director on the vaccine race

Stocks rose Wednesday on promising new COVID-19 vaccine data from Moderna Therapeutics, although much of the optimism is outpacing the science.

Axios Re:Cap digs into what Moderna said, what it didn't say, and what comes next in the vaccine race with Richard Besser, former acting director of the CDC and current CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Jul 15, 2020 - Podcasts

COVID tests for office buildings

Buildings are getting tested for coronavirus, too. Research teams in Oregon are conducting real-time coronavirus tests on ventilation systems in buildings that could be essential for returning to the office or school.

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